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Veronica Mars, Supernatural

Posted on 2007.11.01 at 10:12
Current Mood: amusedamused
location:hollywood hills, ca
shows you watch on the cw:Veronica Mars, Supernatural
How long have you been a fan?: VM: since the begininng, Supernatural: beginning of 2nd season
Favorite character(s)?: VM: Wallace, Mac, Veronica, Logan, Weevil etc. Supernatural: Sam & Dean
favorite ships?: VM: Logan/Veronica, Piz/Veronica, Dick/Mac, Cassidy/Mac
What are your other fandoms?: Buffy, Harry Potter

Did you watch any of the previous seasons?: Obviously, dahling.
Favorite character(s): Veronica, Logan, and Mac are my absolute favorites.
Least favorite character: Lamb :(
Favorite Episode?: M.A.D, Like a Virgin, Not Pictured
Leaste Favorite Episode?:Normal Is The Watchword
Veronica/Logan, Veronica/Duncan or Veronica/someone else?: I'd prefer Logan/Veronica, but I'm open to Veronica/Piz.
Any other ships?: Mac/Dick, Wallace/Jackie, Cassidy/Mac
Were you a fan of any of the Actors befor the show?: Nope.
How obsessed are you?: pretty obsessed. like, mega obsessed.
Do you <3 Dick?: who doesn't? muahhahah
Is this season better or worst then the last?: I'd say so-so, first season wins.
Favorite Mystery?: lily of course.
If you could live in Neptune, would you?: I'd like to, but probably wouldn't not near enough of the comforts i'm used to, hehe. Maybe if i could hook up with Logan, actually definitely if i could.
Favorite Quote/Scene?: Any Veronica/Wallace bff scene, and the epic scene from "Look Who's Stalking"

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